THE PATH OF THE FORTS Itineraries Anacapri

  1. How to get there:
  • To reach Anacapri, you can take a direct bus to Anacapri from the port or take a taxi or use the funicular from Marina Grande and then take another bus (Capri-Anacapri). At the Sentiero dei Fortini, once you get to Anacapri, climb the road carved into the overhanging rock with a breathtaking view. Once you arrive in Anacapri, at the path of the Bourbon forts, you can get there with another bus (Anacapri-Grotta Azzurra), ask the driver (when you get on), the "Punta Arciera" stop bus. Il sentiero può essere percorso sia dalla Grotta Azzurra che dal Faro di Punta Carena (Autobus Anacapri – Faro di Punta Carena – "Pino" stop bus ask the driver), but our experience began from the cave and we recommend it. You can recognize the road from the majolica signs along the itinerary, signed by the artist Sergio Rubino.                     
segnale sentiero dei fortini
First signal starting from the Blue Grotto 

2. Duration of the walk:
  • The duration of the route can vary, but generally, the complete walk can take around 3 hours, depending on the pace and the stops you make along the way.
                                                              The Path of the forts with Lola

3. Panoramic views:
  • Along the way, you will enjoy splendid panoramic views of the island of Capri and the Gulf of Naples. You will be able to admire the crystal clear sea and the natural beauty of the island. Here you are, below, the Orrico fort with a sailing boat underway.
il sentiero dei fortini
4. Vegetation:
  • The vegetation along the Sentiero dei Fortini is typical of the Mediterranean scrub, with pine trees, holm oaks, cypresses and aromatic shrubs. The flora varies according to the season, offering a range of colors and scents. You can admire below the image of the Pino fort (external diameter of 60 meters at 40 meters from sea level – Cala di Mezzo and Cala del Limmo to the south) with the Punta Carena lighthouse in the background, while Lola checked for possible enemy sightings .
percorso del sentiero

5. History:
  • We like history and so know that you are treading on a very important historical place. Built for defensive purposes by the people of Capri to defend against Saracen attacks around the 9th century, the English and then the French troops expanded it and reinforced it. The latter disembarked (la conquest of Orrico) on 4 October 1808, in the most difficult area of the coast to invade, thanks to long ladders for landing on the jagged rock. Driven by Gioacchino Murat who watched from a distance the battle in Naples between Posillipo and the Campi Flegrei and thanks to the "Trojan horse" devised by General Lamarque (the enemies were waiting for him on the coast of Marina Grande), they managed to defeat the opposing troops after two weeks of fighting never seen before on the island.   
Trail route
6. Route:
  • The path that runs along the sea from the Blue Grotto crosses various coves and forts (such as Orrico, Pino and Mesola) along the western and most impervious coast of the island. Some of the coves you might cross include Cala del Rio, Cala Ventroso, Cala del Limmo and others. And then reach the destination when you reach your destination at the Punta Carena lighthouse. exhausted but safe and sound, with the joy of admiring such a spectacle.
il faro, arrivo del sentiero
Unforgettable sunset arriving at the Punta Carena lighthouse – Pure spectacle –

Remember that trail conditions can vary, so it is advisable to wear appropriate footwear and bring water.

Preferable in the months from April to June, as the sun beats strongly in this area.

Obviously an itinerary for great dog friendly champions, like my Lola!

Happy hiking!

Other photos of our excursion:

vista dal Faro (Anacapri)
end of the excursion to the forts path
il sentiero dei fortini, segnali
trail signs

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