Cormorants in Naples: winter guests with ancient charm

In Naples, cormorants are an increasingly numerous presence, especially on the seafront. In winter, these birds migrate from Northern Africa to the Tyrrhenian coasts, to find food and more favorable climatic conditions.

The largest wintering site in Campania

In Naples, between Nisida and Gaiola, there is the largest wintering site in Campania for cormorants, Phalacrocorax carbo, as also reported by studies present online since 2020.

In this site, which extends for approximately 20 hectares, thousands of cormorants gather every winter, coming from all over the region and also from more distant regions, such as Calabria and Sicily.

An attraction for tourists and citizens

The presence of cormorants in Naples is an attraction for both tourists and citizens. On winter mornings, it is possible to admire these splendid sea birds, standing on the rocks in the middle of the sea, a few meters from the coast.

Cormorants are very elegant and majestic animals. Their shiny black plumage and long sinuous neck make them fascinating to observe. They know how to swim very well and are exceptional predators, diving into the water for about a minute.

They are birds that have been present on Earth for millions of years, in fact fossils of cormorants dating back to the Cretaceous period, around 145 million years ago, have been found.

The addition of "new birds that have been sharing Naples for a few years" in the title could be a way to underline the fact that the fauna of Naples is constantly evolving. In recent years, in fact, several birds have been spotted in Naples that were not previously present in the city. Among these, we can mention the Sabine's gull, the herring gull and the African cormorant.

An important role for the marine ecosystem

Cormorants are important animals for the marine ecosystem. They feed on fish and jellyfish, which can be harmful to the environment if they exceed the tolerance threshold.

A natural phenomenon that can have both positive and negative aspects

The presence of cormorants in Naples is a natural phenomenon that indicates abundance of fish in the Neapolitan bay.


Cormorants are fascinating animals that enrich the fauna of Naples. It is important to know and respect them, to be able to admire them and enjoy their beauty.


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