We are happy to welcome you! on our pet-friendly website in Naples, where you will find everything you need to feel at home!


  • Do you want to experience the magic of Naples together with your dog?
  • We will reveal the secrets of Naples to you, without driving you crazy with a thousand searches.
  • Do you have a new four-legged friend and are wondering how to manage him in a city full of life like Naples?
  • We will help you enjoy the city with your dog, without worrying about conflicting information.
  • With us, Naples is not just a city, but an emotion.
  • Walk through the evocative streets of Naples, delight your palate with Neapolitan cuisine, let yourself be overwhelmed by Neapolitan music and appreciate the wonderful history and art that distinguish Naples, all alongside your beloved dog.
  • Whether you are an attentive traveler or a Neapolitan on adventure, or a dog fan looking for tricks, "Naples at 360° on 4 legs" is your excellent site.
  • Welcome to Naples, the city where culture, history and respect for dogs integrate into an extraordinary experience.


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